Russian Candy – a treat that pleases our taste buds, uplifting and adds energy

Candy – a treat that pleases our taste buds, uplifting and adds energy.
In this article we’ll talk about the types of sweets are produced in Russia, how they differ and how they are called in Russia.
This will help to make the choice when buying at our online store.

History of origin.

The “progenitors” of modern candy were sweets made of honey, melissa, iris roots, cane and dates, created by the cooks of ancient Egypt.
The ancient Romans enjoyed sweets made of boiled poppy seeds, nuts, honey mass and sesame.
Russian loved delicacy prepared of maple syrup, honey and molasses.

In the XVI century the industrial production of sugar was started. Then Italian confectioners began to produce candy, reminiscent of modern.
Wise Italians proclaimed candy as medicine. Moreover, that medicine was so strong that candy was sold only in pharmacies.
Over time, candied fruits ceased to be considered medicines and became popular sweets.

Modern assortment of Russian candy.

Now we have many classifications of favorite treats. It is a difficult task to make a review of sweets around the world, so we will touch on the Russian range:

It consists of molasses and sugar.
Toffee Candy
It consists of condensed milk, butter, sugar and contains vitamin B12 necessary for the normal functioning of the body

Chocolate candies – are among the most delicious Russian candies.
The taste and composition of them has not changed since Soviet times.

Souffle candy is whipped sweets, which differ in a light type of sweet mass.

This type of candy is characterized by heavy whipped masses. Souffle candy and nougat are similar in appearance and taste.

Candy consists of crushed nuts filled with sugar, fruit or honey syrup.

Сhocolate candy with a filling of sugar and cocoa nuts mixed with cognac or any other flavor.

Liqueur candy
include the filling of liquor or sugar syrup with cognac inside.

Jelly beans
Consist of thick berry or fruit jelly.

or candy with fondant filling obtained of milk, molasses, cream, sugar, fruit fillers and other components.

are elite round-shaped chocolates filled with a special French ganache cream. It is made of butter, cream and chocolate. The outer surface can be covered with crushed nuts, wafer crumbs or cocoa powder.
As you can see, the choice of Russian candies is huge.
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