Halloween can be a difficult time for kids with diabetes. The very word is likely to send many parents and children into a sugar-induced comma, although for different reasons. As kids look forward to trick-or-treating, parents are concerned about keeping tabs on the sugar intake — especially if their kids have diabetes. As a parent you may be wondering how to manage this holiday without depriving your little ones of all joys associated with it.

Just because your child has diabetes doesn’t mean they can’t participate in the Halloween sweet-tooth season. With some careful planning, you and your kids can enjoy all the tricks and treats that Halloween has to offer.

Trick or Sugary Treat

Parents will need to take extra care in monitoring the amount of candy their children collect — and eat — while out trick-or-treating. Keeping in mind that the walking kids do to collect that candy is a great form of exercise, it’s still a good idea to discuss rules about how much candy will actually be eaten.

One good trick is to treat your kids to a special prize in exchange for some of the candy collected during Halloween. A friend of ours has offered experiences to her kids, like trips to the zoo or to the arcade, in exchange for candy.

Allowing kids to eat a couple of pieces of candy they collected and trade in the rest for a fun trip is a great way to ensure they are getting the most of the Halloween holiday. It’s also an excellent opportunity to bring the family together and teach children that experiences can be more valuable than things.

Host a Spooktacular Party

Candy may be everywhere this time of year, but Halloween can be fun without overloading on sugar. There are ghosts, ghouls, goblins and so much more to look forward to as you prep your kids for a spooktacular time on Hallow’s Eve. Here are a few ideas for kid-friendly Halloween activities.

You’ve worked hard on getting that costume ready, why not show it off at a fun fashion show. Whether your kids are witches, pumpkins, wild animals or bumble bees, a Halloween fashion show is a fun and interactive way to get their minds off the candy.

Set up an orange runway, complete with traditional Halloween decor and spooky music. Arrange and hand out awards for various costume categories, and watch your little ones enjoy the show.

Don’t let all those pumpkin decorations you bought go to waste. Arrange a few pumpkins of different sizes and let the kids guess the weight for a chance to win a grand prize. Hand out pieces of paper and a pencil so that each child can write down the weight. Whoever comes closest to the actual wight wins a prize.
Who can forget the game of broken telephone? Oh the fun we had as kids whispering little phrases into our friend’s ear and watching it change into something completely different by the time it came back around. Halloween is the perfect time to play a game of silly telephone using spooky messages and ghoulish characters to entertain the kids.

Sugar-free Candy Options

With all the fun and games, it’s still a good idea to be fully prepared for your little ones demanding some sweet treats. Healthy snack options, like apples and ants-on-a-log are great, but candy is what the kids will ultimately want. Here are a few delicious sugar-free candy options for your consideration.

Sugar-free Chocolate Gingerbread cookies are sugar-free treats from Russian sweets-maker Petrodiet. A unique and tasty treat for the whole family at just $3.99 per pack.

Classic Russian chocolate “Batonchiki” candy are now available in a sugar-free variety. Chewy, chocolatey and totally delicious, this sugar-free candy is unlike any American Halloween candy your kids have tried. Pick up a half pound pack for your little trick-or-treaters for just $2.99.

See more sugar-free candy options at RussianFoodDirect.com.

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