Summer is Dacha season in Russia. Grilling, foraging and chilling is the name of the game for most Muscovites who trade in the muggy heat of the big city for the cool breeze of the Russian countryside.

As the temperatures climb in the highly polluted and populated cities, so does the desire to get away from it all.  Weekend getaways to the countryside — be it a dacha or any other nature destination — have become a cultural phenomenon in Russia.

But what exactly is a dacha?

For some dacha is a place.  A small cottage or summer house far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. For others dachas are an experience.  A picturesque image of country living and social status.  It’s quality time spent off the grid, and a throw-back to a simpler life.

Gardening and home repairs are undertaken in the Spring and typically complete by late May, just in time for friends and family to arrive. New flowers are planted, decks and docks are freshly painted, and hammocks are strewn between the birch trees.

It’s not uncommon to find blow-out sales on gardening and grilling supplies, deep discounts on patio furniture, and special offers for dacha food staples.  In Russia dacha season is advertised as much as Memorial Day or even 4th of July holidays in America.

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