Halloween is right around the corner, and that means candy – LOTS of candy! Americans buy and consume more than 600 million pounds of candy a year for Halloween; that’s a staggering 90 million pounds of chocolate.

This year, we’re stepping up to give away an exclusive batch of Russian candy to one lucky winner– no tricks, just sweets! See our #RussianTrickOrTreat flash promotion details below.

Candy corns and cheap-o chocolates are no longer making the cut. Gourmet candy and haute chocolate are all the rage this season. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like indulging in a piece of great candy (or two!) during Halloween. But how do you get past the typical junk at the supermarket?

For sophisticated adults who want to skip the tricks, but keep the treats we suggest an authentic Russian candy experience. New confectionary delights have arrived at RussianFoodUSA.com just in time for Halloween.

Decadent “Grillyazh” ($5.99 for 0.5lb) chocolate nut clusters, buttery “Korovka” ($2.49 for 0.5lb) caramels, billowy chocolate glazed “Bird Milk” ($4.49 for 0.5lb) marshmallows, and other childhood favorites are on tap to satisfy your most sugary desires.

Russia has had a thriving candy making industry for nearly 150 years. The iconic red brick building of Red October Chocolate Factory (Krasny Oktyabr) started as a small operation back in 1851 when German immigrant Teodor Ferdinand von Dinem arrived in Moscow in hopes of making a fresh start.

After opening a small confectionary shop in the city’s central Teatralnaya Square, von Einem partnered with fellow German Julius Heuss to rent a production facility not far from the Moscow River. By 1913 the factory had grown into a bonafide confectionary empire, supplying chocolates and other sweets to the Czar and his royal family. Today, Red October produces exquisite chocolates that have left a considerable impression of sweet-tooth’s palates.

When it comes to tasty candy, this Halloween we invite you to join the ranks of the Russian Royals and millions of others who’ve tasted the allure of authentic Russian sweets.

To celebrate the season, we’re launching a special Russian Sweets Halloween flash promotion. It’s simple, fun and oh-so-sweet!